Introduction to Gi-Zers
6:30 PM18:30

Introduction to Gi-Zers

We are hosting an introduction class catering towards men 40 years of age and older who would like to learn more about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, weapons training, stand-up and ground self-defense. 

Gi-Zers is designed to offer an inclusive, friendly, safe, and relaxed atmosphere for learning the basics of the aforementioned techniques, regardless of fitness level.  So if you have an interest in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, camaraderie,  and meeting like minded men, we would love for you to join us! 

The cost is just $10.00 for non-members at the door.  The event will begin at 6:30PM and last until 9:00PM. 

Seminar + T-Shirt is $25.

Please call or text 918.933.1745 to reserve your spot and T-Shirt if you would like one.

(TShirts ONLY available for the first 30 people)

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12:00 PM12:00


Jedi Jiu-Jitsu is proud to announce - Gi-zers!  Gi-zers is an event for male BJJ practitioners over the age of 40.   We will host  this event on July 21, 2018 from 1PM to 3PM.  There will be refreshing beverages at the end for those of you who enjoy socializing afterwards.  Please tell your friends, and we look forward to seeing you there.  


Attire:  No Gi in celebration of summer

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