RCJ Machado Affiliation - Great Minds Think Alike!

JJJ is an official RCJ Machado Affiliate and our instructors have been training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Master Carlos Machado for around 12 years now. The JJJ crew spent the weekend of March 8-10, 2019 in Dallas, TX training with the legendary Carlos Machado.   Schools from the United States, Canada and Australia were represented at this meeting.  Many of Master Machado’s original Dallas group of students were on hand to receive additional stripe ranking on their black belts.  This included UFC Star Travis Lutter, world-renowned MMA referee Don Turnage, Movie star and stuntman Freddie Poole and many other top-notch Grapplers/BJJ instructors.  Our instructors were humbled to be included in this group of amazing BJJ martial artists.  In addition to the world class training, our instructors were also afforded the opportunity to get away from Tulsa for a few days, clear their minds and have some fun just being students again.  As always, a trip to BJs Brewhouse was in order, and the pizookies (amazing dessert) were very much enjoyed. 

But what is an Affiliation? Why is belonging to such a prestigious affiliation so important? What does it do for you?

By definition, an Affiliation is the state of being closely associated or affiliated with a particular person or group. The Affiliate meetings provide a platform for like-minded business owners/instructors to continue their brazilian jiu-jitsu education, fine tune techniques, and work on lesson planning. It also provides opportunities to learn successful marketing tips from other RCJ Machado Affiliates from around the globe. 

JJJ students are offered the opportunity to train so close to the roots of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with three highly experienced instructors (and multiple guest instructors) directly under the eldest of the world famous Machado Brothers – Carlos Machado.  Our BJJ curriculum is based directly on the teachings of Master Carlos Machado.  We also strive to pass down not only knowledge from Master Carlos on the mat but with lifestyle and life-coaching in mind as well.  Our instructors are always available with life advice for our Jiu-Jitsu family.  We encourage anyone/everyone to come try out a class and find out for yourself what our lifestyle, knowledge and atmosphere is all about.