It seems like only yesterday we had our tremendously successful grand opening, featuring multiple black belt instructors, full mats, door prizes, beverages, and of course tacos!!


Well here we are one year later and want to thank everyone for such an amazing first year.  So it’s about time we topped that Grand Opening party with a One Year Anniversary celebration!!  Soooo on Saturday July 13 we are planning a day full of festivities, fun and of course knowledge.  We will have our normal morning classes and at 1pm the fun starts!!  We are having a loaded seminar open to all with all of our Jedi Masters sharing their knowledge.  Below is a schedule of all activities;


1pm – Hour one of the seminar featuring Judo 6th Dan Dr. Luis Gorospe.  Dr. Gorospe will be teaching Judo for self-defense.  This is not sport Judo but rather old school street proven self-defense Judo that anyone can use.  Dr. Gorospe is the most experienced Judo instructor in the Tulsa area and his style can be utilized and effective for anyone.


2pm – BJJ with all four Jedi Professors.  Professors Sharp, Hale, Hayes and Mickle will each be taking 15 minutes to focus on one aspect of the ground game.  This will be a great opportunity to see different concepts, ideas and teaching styles. 


3pm – Weapons disarms.  For the final hour of the seminar, all of the instructors will share a different unique weapons disarm.  Once again this provides the opportunity to receive different viewpoints and instruction styles from highly experienced instructors.  Plus this part is going to be really kewl and lot of fun!!


4pm – Cookout.  We will be having burgers, dogs, snacks, and beverages for everyone. 




We will also have karaoke afterwards with Ray Martinez.  Prizes will be involved.  You get a prize ticket for singing, two tickets for singing with your gi on, three tickets for singing with your gi on and singing a song chosen by Ray Martinez!


Door prizes!


Commemorative anniversary shirts will be available to purchase!  These are bound to become a collectors item!


Anyone can attend and is welcome.  You do not have to participate in the seminar to take part in the cookout, prizes, karaoke and revelry.  There will be a $25 charge for the seminar.  This will go towards purchase of the food for the cookout.  A seminar with this much instruction would easily be worth much much more.


Once again, this is our way of thanking everyone and celebrating our first year.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!!!