One down – Many more to come!


 Jedi Jiu-Jitsu recently celebrated our first-year anniversary with a huge blowout featuring a seminar, cookout and karaoke! 

So here we are – one year into Jedi Jiu-Jitsu’s journey.  The first year brought both challenges and growth.  But most importantly, it brought in a lot of new family members to JJJ.  Our goal has always been to help people enrich their lives through Martial Arts and build a community of like-minded people.  Our first year anniversary showed the goal is happening.  Through stellar instruction, welcoming atmosphere, and camaraderie, we are building a legacy.

The celebration began with a fantastic three-hour seminar taught by our Judo Instructor Dr. Gorospe, and four of our black belt professors – Blake and Tarah Hayes, Robert Hale and Jamie Mickle.  The Judo that Dr. Gorospe taught was very well received and eye opening.  His knowledge base is second to none in the Judo community and his use of Judo for self-defense is not like any other sport Judo taught in the area.  The Jiu-Jitsu portion started with Professor Mickle teaching a sneaky “lightsaber” choke. The choke purposefully puts your opponent in a traditionally superior position, only to take it away by implementing a surprise choke on him. Professor Hayes followed up using the lightsaber choke as a setup for an armbar and a triangle choke.  Professor Mrs. Hayes then demonstrated great adjustments to make executing the techniques easier while still allowing users to hit the correct angles.  The seminar switched to weapons disarm section.  Professor Hale demonstrated a quick and efficient way to remove a gun when pointed directly at you in close proximity.  Professor Mickle applied a wrist lock to remove the gun. Lastly, Professor Hayes went over mindset, timing and principles to remove a weapon.  We had over 30 attendees who gleaned valuable knowledge from all instructors.  Many of the self-defense concepts were eye opening and the sport Jiu-Jitsu techniques were applicable so that practitioners could use them immediately.

 Next we had a fantastic cookout and fed over 70 people.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken and spinach sausages, tater salad and some reeeaally good beans by Miss Jennifer Scott that stole the show.  Everyone loved the opportunity to interact, mingle, and share camaraderie.  Finally, there was karaoke provided by Ray Martinez.  Everyone cringed at Professor Jamo’s awful singing, but loved the little Jamettes throwing in back up. 

The day was an absolute success and was a prime example of what sets us apart.  At Jedi Jiu-Jitsu, you will find an atmosphere unlike any other.  We believe that a relaxed yet engaged fun vibe allows for the students to be more open minded to the learning and growing process.  Plus, Jiu-Jitsu is a hobby – it should be fun.

 Thanks to all who helped coordinate, cook, bring food, teach, clean up and thanks to our amazing members for making the first year so great!!!